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Joint Management Committee (JMC)

Pursuant to the 3rd Annual General Meeting of the T-Parkland Condominium which was held on 26th May 2018, the following council members had been elected for the respective position.

Siti Nur Zulaikah


Teo Sin Chak @ Jennifer


Norela Ahmad


Ng Weng Keat @ Kevin

JMC Committee Member

Winx Loo

JMC Committee Member

Andrew Chan

JMC Committee Member

Kuan Yew Nam

JMC Committee Member

Tan Ying Ping

JMC Committee Member

Wong Peng Soon

Sub Committee Member

Lim Cheong Aun

Sub Committee Member

Uvaraj Nadeson

Sub Committee Member

Management Office Staff (GVR)

JMC have engaged Green Valley Resources Sdn Bhd to assist them and entire resident to manage T-Parkland Condominium professionally and efficiently. Together with this team, we are looking forward to bring major and drastic improvement for the betterment of our Community.





    Admin Clerk





        About Us

        T-Parkland Condominium is located within the vicinity of Kuala Lumpur near to the Majestic Bukit Takun and Virgin Rain Forest. With Fluffy clouds in the morning that transforms into various shapes in the clear afternoon, the sky is covered with glimering bright stars after sunset’s present breathtaking Panoramic views of hills and lake with un-spoilt natural splendor, tranquility and fresh breeze. You will be indulged in the beauty of the nature the moment you set foot into your home that brings the Freshness and Peacefulness, the perfect way to rejuvenate ones soul!. To maintain the beauty of this Condominium and manage it efficiently, a group of Council Members were elected pursuant to the 1st Annual General Meeting of T-Parkland which was held on 19th December 2015. While our motive to keep this place at its best for many years to come, we the first group of Joint Management Committee are here to set the platform and bring together the entire community to make this place a dream come true. With the strength and continuous support of Residents (JMB) together with the power given under the Building and Common Property (Maintenance and Management) Act 2007, we will do our best to manage the common properties in this Condominium with resident interest will be put as our utmost priority. To achieve this, we designed a House Rule in which Residents and Visitors of T-Parkland Condominium is bound to follow. These rules are set to upkeep and maintain this Property that works best for the majority to ensure the peacefulness remain.

        Personal Info

        • +03 6090 0324
        • Level 1, Pejabat Pengurusan Pangsapuri T-Parkland, Persiaran Bukit Takun 2,Templer Park Resort, 48000 Rawang, Selangor Darul Ehsan


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